Waiting for Gavin

By Francine Cunningham Foxgloves, which used to grow wild in the shaded orchard behind my childhood home in County Tyrone, have always been a favourite flower. So, when we returned to Ireland after many years on the continent, I dreamed of a meadow-like garden full of native plants and humming with bees. It would beContinue reading “Waiting for Gavin”

Dryrobes and bikinis at the Irish Coast

By Peter Vandermeersch Why would anyone swim in the sea in the middle of winter? In most parts of the world people would think you’re not completely sane if you went to the beach in January, put on your swimsuit and ran happily into the ice-cold water. Not so in Greystones, the small Wicklow townContinue reading “Dryrobes and bikinis at the Irish Coast”

[Dog] Shit Doesn’t Just Happen

By Francine Cunningham It might be called the perfect storm: an upsurge in people buying dogs to keep them company at a time of social distancing, combined with more people out walking and travel restrictions keeping them confined to built-up areas. A perfect shit storm. Walks around the pretty seaside town of Greystones, County Wicklow,Continue reading “[Dog] Shit Doesn’t Just Happen”

Thank God for The Happy Pear

By Peter Vandermeersch Every Saturday and Sunday for the last two months, this is my weekend prayer. The Happy Pear? Dutch and Belgian readers of this blog are already wondering what kind of religious sect I decided to join here in Ireland.  Irish readers probably think that I’ve turned vegan. They obviously know the twinContinue reading “Thank God for The Happy Pear”

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

By Francine Cunningham The sea has always lapped around the borders of my life. Childhood summer trips to Buncrana,  Downings or Marble Hill, eating crisp sandwiches full of sand, or sitting in the car looking out at torrential rain falling on the beach. Followed by student days living in an old, damp house along theContinue reading “Between the devil and the deep blue sea”