Sunday papers and windscreen wipers

By Francine Cunningham There is a strange Irish phenomenon that has only intensified in corona times. For some reason, Irish people like to drive to the coast, find a parking space just in front of the sea and…. sit in their cars. No, they don’t drive there to have a walk at the seaside. TheyContinue reading “Sunday papers and windscreen wipers”

Thank you for holding…

By Francine Cunningham First world prices should go hand in hand with first-class service. Frustratingly, that is too often not the case in Ireland. In the last months, there have been multiple examples of inconsiderate, or downright shoddy, service of the type that makes me wish I could remember the few Gaelic curses I onceContinue reading “Thank you for holding…”

Washed Ashore

By Francine Cunningham It’s mid-summer when I land at Dublin airport, back in my home country after more than two decades. At the security control, I show my Irish passport, while my Belgian-Dutch husband and our son present their different passports. We join the throng in the arrivals hall where my mother is waiting, already in tears. TwoContinue reading “Washed Ashore”